Avena Sativa Herbal Extract


Calming support for the nervous system.

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Calming support for the nervous system.

Anethum graveolens – Dill fruit
Artemisia vulgaris – Mugwort roots and tops
Avena sativa – Oat seed
Calluna vulgaris – Heather aerial portion
Humulus lupulus – Hops blossom
Hypericum perforatum – St. John?s wort aerial portion
Lamium album – White nettle blossom
Melissa officinalis – Lemon balm leaf
Mentha x piperita – Peppermint leaf
Primula veris – Cowslip blossom
Pulsatilla pratensis – Pulsatilla whole plant
Urginea maritima – Red squill bulb
Valeriana officinalis – Valerian aerial portion
Verbena officinalis – European vervain aerial portion

Suggested Use
30 drops in tepid water three times daily. As a sleeping aid, take 40 to 60 drops or up to 1 teaspoon before bedtime.
Children 6 and older
10 drops in water three to five times daily.
Children 5 and under
5 drops in water three to five times daily.

Special Comments
In older patients, CACTUS No. 16 or CRATAEGUS No. 26 and PULMONEST No. 20, can be supportive at night. As an adjunct, consider CEREBRO CALM.

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