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Get your DepKETOSIS Basic Keto program here. For more information on what you will receive, please view more information below.

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The keto diet works for everyone. If you have tried the keto diet and it has not worked for you, you are not broken and you may not have done anything wrong. It just may be that the general “rules” for keto are not right for you.

Understand that you are an individual. You have an individual genetic background, you live in a specific environment, you have your own stress levels, your own health challenges, and the list goes on.

What DepKETOSIS does for you, is it honors your own personal bio-chemical individuality with the keto diet.

Here’s what you will get with the DepKETOSIS Basic Keto program.

  • DepKETOSIS Assessment: Find out which keto meal plan is right for you. After all, you are bio-chemically different and your keto meal plan should acknowledge this
  •  Meal Plan Directions: You will receive the full directions on how to use your meal plan and how to fine tune this for you
  •  Meal Chart: Your own personalized meal chart for your plan that provides the optimal food choices based on your individuality
  •  Meal Ideas: You will be provided five days of meal ideas to make it easy for you to use your new meal plan
  •  Shopping List: A shopping list will be included that offers choices that align with your preferred and recommended foods
  •  Bonus: I am going to provide you with all three meal plans so you can compare with yours. Most would never do this but I want you to see the comparisons between your keto plan and the others

Once you have purchased your DepKETOSIS Basis Keto program you will be provided a link for your assessment and upon completing your assessment, you will be emailed all the necessary information listed above.

Enjoy, keto made easy!


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