Dr Chi’s Fingernail & Tongue Analysis Book



Inside Chi’s Enterprise Fingernail and Tongue Analysis, 267 pages

Section One: Fingernail Analysis

An overview of fingernail diagnosis, including nail shape or growth change, color change, lunulae and mitochondrial function, ridges, bumps, spots and other nail markings, and nail analysis by condition. 6 chapters.

Section Two: Tongue Analysis

An overview of tongue diagnosis, including tongue vitality, movement, and moisture, tongue color, coating, shape, size and length and other tongue markers, and tongue analysis by System. 7 chapters.

Section Three: Other Physical Markers

Examining other physical markers, and using the Chi’s Enterprise Preventative Diagnostic Kit (color wheel) for further diagnosis. 2 chapters

Section Four: Fingernail, Tongue and Body Anlaysis: A comprehensive Look

A complete fingernail, tongue and body analysis. 1 chapter (66 pages)

Appendix, including diagrams and full color photos:

  • Appendix A: Quick guide to Fingernail and Tongue Analysis
  • Appendix B: Herbal Formulas
  • Appendix C: Fingernail and Body Diagrams
  • Appendix D: Pictures of Fingernail, Tongue and Body Markers