Fat, Fatigued and Frustrated?



Imagine how good it feels when you are able to easily slip into your sexy skinny jeans, have energy all day and feel truly happy. “Fat, Fatigued and Frustrated?” provides you proven and effective secrets that give you the ability to achieve this all the while getting your life back on many levels. It’s a book that helps you understand the how and why you became overweight, fatigued and frustrated in the first place. It provides simple, effective, and proven strategies in a step by step way that will have you slipping on your skinny jeans, increase energy and return to your happy self again. Yes, you can reverse the clock!

I have assisted thousands in achieving personal goals of living into a lean body, increasing their energy and enjoying emotional ease. He uses time tested, proven methods that you can enjoy yourself. Everybody wants to feel lean, energized and enjoy emotional ease and you can live into this yourself by following the tips in “Fat, Fatigued and Frustrated?”

Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Amazing Book!

  • How to reverse the clock and feel young again. Aging is not a passive result of time, but rather a controllable process of the body. Dr. Depke will show you proven strategies to change the rate and degree of aging to naturally “turn back time.”
  • How the water you drink affects your health, which kinds to drink and exactly how much you need to support your body in growing young and slim.
  • Why the food you eat is more important than “calories in, calories out,” and how you can make smarter choices to support your body (and what your tongue actually says about your health!).
  • How your sleep affects your health and energy and what to do to get more restful, rejuvenating, fulfilling sleep.
  • How specific movement of the body can increase your wellness and bring you more vitality and health and why exercise is not always necessary for weight loss!
  • How you’ve been lied to about the “danger” of the sun and the role it actually plays in keeping you energetic and vibrant
  • How your mental, emotional and spiritual energy can help you feel a harmonious and balanced emotional state including feeling fully expressed, healthy, happy energized, joyous, grounded and connected.
  • The importance of natural solutions for health and how most of what your body needs to thrive is available, not from the pharmacist, but from the planet.
  • How hidden inflammation in your body causes rapid aging and decreased health and energy and what to do to reverse it.


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