Basic Starter Kit – New Client

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Perhaps you suffer with weight gain, fatigue, mental exhaustion, bloating, hormone issues, chronic aches and pain or any other chronic challenge? I know you want and need to overcome your health issues!

The Depke Wellness New Client Basic Starter Kit is the easiest way to begin your health journey. Includes your stress hormone kit, initial 90-minute consultation, initial Nutritional ID or DepKETOSIS session, hormone testing results session and one month of the VIP Depke Wellness Membership.

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  • Testing

    • #205E w/CAR Saliva Hormone Test Kit*
      • Cortisol x 6 (Cortisol Awakening Response)
      • DHEA-S
      • Estradiol
      • Estriol
      • Estrone
      • Melatonin
      • Progesterone
      • Testosterone
  • Consultations

    • 90-minute initial consultation
      • Understand the essential fundamentals of health, assess your metabolic function, utilize body assessment tools to recognize the depth and core of your health issues and understand the systematic approach to your individualized health and healing.
    • 60-minute Nutritional ID or DepKetosis
      • Learn how to address your bio-chemical individuality nutritionally. You have a specific genetic heritage, live in a specific environment, deal with your personal levels of stress and are challenged with your unique health issues. All this needs to be address for you with proper nutrition. We will provide either a traditional or ketogenic version depending on your needs.
    • Test results consultation
      • Results session to understand your hormone system, your specific hormone levels, why and how to address this specifically for your needs to assist your body in balancing hormones naturally.
  • VIP Membership

    • One free month of the Depke Wellness VIP Membership with two live video coaching calls and a catalogue of health information to provide the backbone to assist in reaching your health goals.

Based on the results achieved by thousands of clients before you and what this meant to their health and lives, the personal value of the Depke Wellness New Client Basic Starter Kit is $10,337.50.**

*All of the test kits can be completed across the US except for that states of New York and Rhode Island.

**This is based on the perceived value of individual clients determined by the impact this had on their health, health care cost, career improvements, impact on relationships and overall improvement of life. Individual results may vary and perceived value can vary from person to person.


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