Savings – Bulk Session Purchase

$750.00 $500.00



This is a perfect opportunity to experience some of the new services and practitioners and of course you can also use this with your current Depke Wellness practitioner.

This is a very limited time special to take advantage of now.

When you purchase $500 worth of services I will give you $250.00 for free!

So for $500 you will receive $750 worth of services to use with any of the practitioners at Depke Wellness. This is a limited time offer and expires this Sunday 9/25/2016.

You can work with any of these practitioners with their specialty services.

  • Glen Depke – functional medicine, fingernail and tongue assessments, iridology and health investigator
  • Lynda Buitrago – frequency balancing, muscle testing (A/K) and holistic thyroid specialist
  • April Martin – specializes at getting to the core of your subconscious health and life patterns
  • Kim Sievers – as our nutritional expert Kim can help you get to the core of your health via nutritional and supplemental recommendations
  • Eva Pesak – BEMER technology to aid in increasing circulation and healing as well as endermology and raindrop therapy
  • Dawn Depke – shiatsu bodywork, cranial sacral, endermology and raindrop therapy

Upon your payment of $500.00 we will credit your Depke Wellness account with $750.00 to be used toward any services of your choice with any practitioner on your team. You also encourage you to see multiple practitioners on our team. *

You can purchase up to four of these bulk packages. **

*Note that this cannot be used on test kits and supplements.

**These bulk session will expire on 3/30/17 which provides you more than six months to use your services.


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