Thermography (Thermal Imagery Scans)

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Thermal Imaging (Thermography) is a safe, body scanning procedure that has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Assoc.) AMA (American Medical Assoc.) and AHA (American Heart Assoc.). 

Thermal body scans provide valuable information about your current health. The DITI (digital infrared thermal imaging) camera scans the thermal patterns of your skin and converts them into an image.
Our bodies were designed symmetrically, so by comparing and measuring the thermal patterns, we can identify signs of potential disease, especially pain and inflammation. This test can provide multiple clues to the health conditions within your body. It can detect early on, the precursors to many types of cancers, years before the cancer reaches a stage that becomes more serious to treat.
Thermal Imaging (Thermography) is especially beneficial for breast health, because it can identify abnormalities 8-10 years sooner than invasive mammograms. The good new is, Thermography is SAFE! No radiation, No contact, No compression, No pain! This test should be the very first clinical breast exam a young woman has in her life, as early as 18 years old. 

Once payment is made payment for your thermography session, we will call you to book you appointment time. You can also upgrade to the Men’s/Women’s Health Panel (17 images Men/19 images Women) if desired at that time.

Appointments are currently being booked for Saturday April 29, 2017 and Sunday April 30th.