VIP Gold Ultimate Wellness Program

$10,801.00 $7,997.00

The Depke Wellness VIP Gold Level Program is for you, if you are a fully committed person that is looking to address all the primary areas of care and focus to aid in overcoming your health concerns and/or to optimize your health on every functional level.

This program is not for everyone and we do not accept every person that applies. We have an interviewing process to confirm that you have what it takes to stay committed and the drive and motivation to truly overcome your health concerns.

Please read the information below for a comprehensive understanding of the VIP Gold Level program and if interested, you can either call or email us to begin the interviewing process or you can simply complete the application toward the end of this page.

It is my hope that you are the next person accepting into the Depke Wellness VIP Gold Level program!


VIP Gold Level Program Guide





Your Personal Team of Experts





Your Initial Consultations with the Depke Wellness Team

  • Initial Holistic Health Evaluation – 90 minutes
  • Initial Health Discovery Session – 90 minutes
  • Initial Customized Nutrition Evaluation – 60 minutes




Your Essential Comprehensive Laboratory Testing*

  • Comprehensive Hormone Testing
    • #205E w/CAR saliva hormone test kit*
      • Cortisol x 6 (Cortisol Awakening Response)
      • DHEA-S
      • Estradiol
      • Estriol
      • Estrone
      • Melatonin
      • Progesterone
      • Testosterone
  • Gluten Cross Reactive Sensitivity Testing
    • Array #4 – Gluten Associated Cross Reactive Food Sensitivity Test*
      • This blood test will review both and IgG and IgA immune response to gluten containing compounds as well as gluten associated cross reactive foods. We find that this is the primary factor of food sensitivity to understand on a comprehensive level.
  • Comprehensive GI Pathogen Screening
    • GI Screen w/ H. pylori – #401H*
      • Ova & parasites x 3 (Trichrome stain) plus antigens to Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium parvum, and Helicobacter pylori.
      • Occult blood.
      • Visual and automated identification of bacteria, including, but not limited to: Citrobacter, Enterobacter, Enterococcus, Escherichia, Klebsiella, Proteus, and Pseudomonas.
      • Visual and automated identification of yeast, including, but not limited to Candida.
  • Comprehensive Toxicity Testing
    • Porphyrins Profile – Urine*
      • The Porphyrins Profile can help identify the severity of heavy metal toxicity or organic chemical exposure in patients. Chemical exposure and a heavy toxic burden can have physiological effects resulting in impaired metabolism and cellular function.
  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Testing
    • Test #910 Lactulose/Glucose Challenge option to detect bacterial overgrowth in the distal small intestine and for higher specificity in the upper small intestine*
      • The Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Breath Test provides valuable information in the diagnosis of small bowel overgrowth of bacteria, otherwise known as SIBO. Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth describes a condition in which bacteria from the large intestine have migrated to the small intestine. SIBO can also occur when bacteria native to the small intestine have simply overgrown. Using a breath test to diagnose SIBO is simple, non-invasive and inexpensive. A breath test specifies which gases are present, in addition to the location and severity of bacterial overgrowth.
  • GABA Challenge Assessment
    • At Home Self Assessment
      • You will be provided two capsules of GABA to be taken on an empty stomach. Since GABA is too large of a molecule to pass a healthy blood/brain barrier you should feel absolutely nothing taking this capsules. If you recognized symptoms of some level of fatigue or any level of anxiety, nervousness or excitability, this would be a sign that the blood/brain barrier is not in optimal function, potentially leading to toxins entering your brain tissue.




Your Follow-up Consultation with the Depke Wellness Team

  • Continued Focus Appointments – 1 monthly 15-minute check in session
  • Initial Testing Results – 5 total 60-minute sessions or time needed
  • Follow Up Testing Results – 7 total 60-minute sessions or time needed
  • Customized Nutritional Sessions – 5 total 30-minute sessions




Your Follow-up Testing**

  • Comprehensive Hormone Testing – 3 retests
  • Gluten Cross Reactive Sensitivity Testing – 1 retest
  • Comprehensive GI Pathogen Screening – 1 retest
  • Comprehensive Toxicity Testing – 1 retest
  • Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) Testing – 1 retest





Your VIP Bonuses

  • Your own signed copy of my three books to kick start your health journey
  • Year long access to the Depke Wellness membership program with two monthly group calls and additional bonuses
  • 21 – day Depke Process to feel young again video series
  • Direct access to me via email to address any questions or comments
  • 10 – minute emergency calls directly with me (4 calls total)
  • Access to the VIP private social media page




Your Essential Supplements

  • $2,000 in supplement credit throughout the year including but not limited to those mentioned below
  • Supplements needed to balance hormones
  • Supplements for GI pathogens protocols
  • Supplements needed to create an anti-inflammatory state
  • Supplements needed for detoxification and drainage
  • Supplements for a SIBO protocol
  • Misc. supplements needed
  • If you do not use some of this credit, you can continue to pull from this after your year long program
  • Any supplements needed in excess of $2,000 would be a separate charge

VIP Gold Level Program Application

To inquire about the Depke Wellness VIP Gold Level Health Program please call us at (800)960-2755, email us at or you can fill out this application here.

This is a very exclusive program and we would need to confirm that you are a fit for this commitment to your health.

Based on the results achieved by clients before you and what this meant to their health and lives, the personal value of the Depke Wellness VIP Gold Level Program is $49,962.50. ***

*All of the test kits can be completed across the US except for that states of New York and Rhode Island.

**If any retesting is not necessary, the cost of the individual test kits will be added to your supplement credit.

***This is based on the perceived value of individual clients determined by the impact this had on their health, health care cost, career improvements, impact on relationships and overall improvement of life. Individual results may vary and perceived value can vary from person to person.


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